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The following form is a bases for the future catalogue of researchers/institutions (both academia and industry) willing to participate in the projects under the ENVIRONMENT Theme in FP7, to be compiled in the frame of the project ENV-NCP-TOGETHER funded by EU FP7. On-line as well as paper and CD versions will be available, advertised on web-sites of all national contact poits (NCP) for Framework Programme 7 and actively distributed at European, regional or local partnering events, seminars and information days.

The website for new entries will be open until the end of FP7. Outdated entries will be periodically deleted, therefore please update your entry after each call for proposals, if needed.

All lines marked with * have to be filled in.
Please avoid grammar or spelling mistakes.

*Legal name:
*Year of foundation:
*Type:SME RTD industry OTH
 SME - micro, small and medium-sized enterprises;
RTD - Research organisation, a legal entity established as a non-profit organisation which carries out research or technological development as one of its main objectives;
OTH - other than SME, RTD or industry
If OTH, please specify:
*Legal status:public private NGO
*Contact person:
Web site:


*Potential role in the proposal:partner coordinator
Expertise/commitment offered:
*Core competencies/keywords (please select the most relevant ones):
climate change and impacts
modelling of environmental processes
health impacts of climate change
health impacts of environmental stressors (biotic and abiotic)
toxicological properties of chemicals
Environment/health human biomonitoring
greenhouse gases
air system modelling
air pollution
marine environment
water quality and ressource management
water recycling and reuse
management of natural ressources
soil quality and ressource management
desertification and soil degradation
landscape responses in affected areas
sustainable development of urban/rural areas
natural hazards
    vulnerability assessment of built environment
    vulnerability assessment of natural environment
    vulnerability assessment of cultural heritage
risk management, mitigation and adaptation measures
transport related air pollution and health impacts
conservation and management of biodiversity
protection and conservation of cultural heritage
ecosystem responses to environment
forest ecosystems and ressource exploitation
sustainable management and exploitation of marine ressources
marine ecosystems and risk management
multidisciplinary approach to costal zone management
human inflicted affects on deep ocean ecosystems
waste management, recycling and reuse
new and innovative materials and construction technologies for built environment
material and construction safety of built environment
global monitoring and Earth observation
public perception
changing behaviour
socio-economic issues
environmental impacts on economic and social dimensions
*Description of expertise (free text, max 10 lines):
*Commitment offered:
Previous experience/expertise (select the appropriate from the below):
- 5 core publications/patents/utility models (max 10 lines)
- international cooperation (max 2 lines)
- other (max 2 lines)
- patents/utility models/products (if applicable) (max 10 lines)
- international cooperation (max 2 lines)
- other (max 10 lines)
All entries will be verified by the moderator before inclusion in the catalogue. If needed the respondents will be contacted for clarification or additional information.